Bit.Trip Saga Headed to 3DS

CommanderVideo might have completed his journey, but his work isn’t done yet. The intergalactic hero will return once again to star in Bit.Trip Saga for the 3DS. Saga consists of all previous Bit.Trip games remastered with cool 3D graphics.

You’ll be able to travel through space in style as you play through Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Fate, and Flux all over again, but this time you can add some 3D flare to the experience. If you’ve played the games before, you may want to experience them in their all-new 3D format. If you have yet to try them out, definitely look into getting this compilation once it launches.

As of this writing, no set release date has been announced for Bit.Trip Saga. It is also unknown whether the games will be downloadable or included on a 3DS game card. The latter seems preferable because, well, game cases and instruction booklets are pretty sweet.

The Bit.Trip series has gained a major fan following. Indie developer Gaijin Games has managed to craft a successful series of rhythm-based titles that harks back to the NES era with its retro look and chiptune soundtrack. Bit.Trip Saga will be a worthwhile purchase for indie gamers and fans of all-around awesome games. Watch out for it!

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