Biting Bit Presents MicroMonster

January 18, 2008

Biting Bit Presents MicroMonster

The first Mobile Multiplayer Game for
Bluetooth and Mobile Internet

Multiplayer gaming anytime and anywhere is easy,
fun and possible with java-enabled mobile phones. What’s missing are great games
to exhaust the opportunities. MicroMonster comes to change that! The multiplayer
combat role-playing game brings new impulses to the mobile market with many
fascinating characters, an attractive long-time game play and massive

MicroMonster is ready for the mobile world. The
new real-time multiplayer role-playing game comes with fine graphics and action
loaded game play ideas. The fresh game uses a fair payment model instead of
subscription fees.

All gamers who enjoy diving into a world of
fantasy and imagination can pick their MicroMonster from many different
characters in the online bestiary. No matter whether Assassin, Blade Warrior,
Gorok, Cyborg, Psionic or others: every MicroMonster has its unique advantages
and talents to be revealed in real-time fights against other warriors.

Multiply connected
As the first game, MicroMonster can be played by Bluetooth and mobile
Internet (online) connection. Online gaming enables players to find and meet
friends all over the world. The Bluetooth connection is best for short distance
playing. So a classroom match does not seem too far away.

Play and fight: Mobile against mobile!
It’s all about fighting. The players have a whole world in their pockets
always available for a fresh kick and fight against numerous real opponents.
Just entering the arena will fetch all present fighters. The multiplayer modus
allows gaming online and by Bluetooth®. When a courageous opponent agrees both
players will give their best in a breathtaking fight.

Every won fight increases the skills of the
MicroMonster. It will level up and enable the player to get more and better
equipment. The countless equipment items, like magical artifacts, weapons,
armours and even other MicroMonster characters can be bought and downloaded
directly in the online shop of the game for immediate use.

Reidar Hörning, the executive game designer of
the publishing company Biting Bit GmbH puts it this way: "We don’t request
monthly subscription fees or fees like play-per-game but finance the game only
by offering more MicroMonster characters and gaming equipment. We consider this
a very fair model for the players benefit. This way the game can be played just
for fun and without permanent fees."

Fighting in single and multiplayer modus
MicroMonster offers many great functions in the multiplayer modus. The
monster can level up and be saved to reach the highest rank – the Emperor. Many
real time opponents are available via the mobile Internet or Bluetooth
connection and a chat connects the players even more.

Additionally a single player modus does not
require a mobile Internet connection. This modus allows the players to plan the
strategies, train their monsters and fight quests to receive excellent rewards.
Of course the player might then go online again to visit the merchant’s shop for
purchasing and downloading new artifacts, weapons and armors. Saving the
MicroMonster’s rank will show the status of the monster to the entire community
live on the website.

Available for many java-enabled mobiles
Many compatible devices are supported, like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and many
more. Just choose a MicroMonster, download the game to the mobile and start
immediately. More new MicroMonster and equipment are going to be introduced
(3518 chars, for immediate release)