bitComposer Games Acquires the License for Jagged Alliance

March 9, 2010

Games Acquires the License for Jagged Alliance

Jagged Alliance 3: a
Strategy-Genre Classic Gets Revamped and Re-released

Preliminary development work has
started on Jagged Alliance 3, the new episode in the internationally successful
Jagged Alliance series. The German publisher bitComposer Games has secured the
full rights to the license from Strategy First, and will publish this famous
strategy brand with roleplay elements worldwide. The aim is to preserve the
popular basic concept of the previous versions and place it in a contemporary
setting. A specific release date for Jagged Alliance 3 has not yet been
confirmed, but a 2011 release is anticipated.

“Although Jagged Alliance 2 was
published over ten years ago now, the game still represents a milestone in the
genre and boasts a huge following of loyal fans,” says Wolfgang Duhr, Managing
Director of bitComposer Games. “We are delighted to acquire this classic game
for bitComposer, and want to continue the success of the previous titles in the
series, while giving the new version a contemporary look, bearing in mind the
strong features of its predecessors”.

The Jagged Alliance series has
received numerous national and international awards since its first appearance
in 1994. The second part in particular, Jagged Alliance 2, released in 1999, won
a host of accolades and gained the highest plaudits from the global games media.
Jagged Alliance 3 will build on the strengths of its famous predecessors and,
set against the backdrop of a gripping story, will again deliver the much-loved
combo of turn-based strategy gameplay with roleplay elements.

Recently there has been conflicting
information about further planned releases in the Jagged Alliance series. Apart
from a Social Network based game under development by Strategy First, the
acquisition of the full IP rights by bitComposer Games will now serve to clarify
the situation and will lay the foundations for future development work under the

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