Bit Boy!! Arcade coming to Nintendo eShop

Austria-Vienna developer Bplus is bringing the action maze game Bit Boy!! Arcade to the 3DS eShop later this fall.

The downloadable game will cost less than $10 and feature weapons like bombs and rockets. Check out the list of features below.

  • Rescue Kubi's friends in every phase
  • Reach the score limit to master a level
  • New types of nasty, intelligent monsters
  • Shoot enemies up in the air with a pixel twist attack
  • Use bombs and rockets to blast monsters and enviroment
  • Use Play Coins to continue; which you will need to do a lot!
  • Move Blocks in a blink of an eye with new pixel kinetic forces
  • Use spring blocks to jump up and down between 3D platforms
  • Digital control in realtime with absolutely no movement lag
  • Different control schemes include touch screen input
  • Hunt for highscores to get medals in every level
  • Fight against huge and really hard Bosses
  • 3D-Graphics with impressive depth
  • Level design progress in phases

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