BioWare to focus on ‘next phase’ of Dragon Age

BioWare is finished with post-release work on Dragon Age II and will be shifting the entire team's focus "to the next phase of Dragon Age's future."

In other words, expect a Dragon Age III – a project not yet announced, but definitely expected.

"While we will still be keeping an eye out for any issues that might crop up in DAII and supporting the community should any emergencies should arise, we’re moving the entire team’s focus to the next phase of Dragon Age’s future," said Dragon Age II executive producer Mark Darrah.

Darrah acknowledged the rumors floating around, and although he couldn't comment on them, he did say, "We've been thinking a lot about Dragon Age – what it means, and where it could go."

"This past year, we've spent a lot of time both going back to the "BIoWare vault" of games and re-examining them, and looking at some new possibilities that today's industry allows."

Always one to "listen" to fan feedback, as evidenced by the latest Mass Effect 3 ending debacle, BioWare will once again turn to fans for feedback on Dragon Age.

"With that, the next thing for the Dragon Age team members and I to do is hear from you, and not just on the forums, or Facebook, or Twitter.  We’ll be attending a number of conventions and gatherings, including PAX East in April."

"The most valuable thing we can get out of those meetings is to hear from you on those same topics – what does Dragon Age mean to you, and where would you like to see it go?  We’re excited to hear what you have to say!"

Darrah concluded that BioWare is "incredibly eager" to show fans where they are taking the Dragon Age franchise.