Bioware’s next Dragon Age title might be a spin-off and not Dragon Age 4

Would it be more like a Dragon month or something then?

In recent months, Bioware has repeatedly confirmed that they are working on a new Dragon Age title but they have just as frequently said that it might not be a sequel to the current title but rather hinting at a spin-off title.

It was Mike Laidlaw, creative director for Dragon Age, who took to Twitter to clear out some amount of confusion regarding the state of the franchise. Quite a few people had read Bioware's confirmation of a Dragon Age being in the works like they were working on a Dragon Age 4, but that seems to no longer be the case. According to Laidlaw "There is a 'Dragon Age' project happening. It is not confirmed as the fourth main game in the series. Many sites have run with the rumor."

The fact that Bioware is hesitant to confirm a Dragon Age 4 combined with Laidlaw's statement really makes it seem like they are currently working on a spin-off title rather than a full-blown sequel, something along the lines of Mass Effect: Andromeda and how that game was its own story and not part of the main games. Though one thing to consider is that while the Mass Effect games have all been part of the same story with the same characters the Dragon Age titles have been more standalone sequels, so exactly what it would take for the next Dragon Age game to be a spin-off is yet shrouded in mystery. One possibility is that Bioware will expand on the multiplayer aspects of Dragon Age: Inquisition, making a multiplayer-focused experience instead of a single player journey.

Regardless of what they are planning one thing is for sure, Bioware has already got two games worth of outlines regarding Dragon Age planned out, something that is highly necessary with a game so filled with lore and to make that lore fit together without too many plotholes. But for now, we just have to wait and see what Bioware got up their sleeve.