BioWare releases second teaser for mysterious new game

BioWare has released a second teaser for its unannounced project, which I expect will be revealed at Gamescom in August. 

It's not quite as scary as the previous "You've Been Chosen: Nightmare" teaser, but there's definitely some weird things going on in it. I'm starting to think the project, possibly called "Shadow Realms," is more of a supernatural thriller and less of a horror game. But who knows?

The teaser shows someone sitting in a restaurant repeatedly ignoring a call from an unknown number. Outside is a hooded figure who I presume is the one responsible for the lightning "spark." The video concludes with the question, "Do you know they are watching?" possibly suggesting the inclusion of some sort of supernatural or extraterrestrial life. The previous teaser, titled "Nightmare," asked, "What really happens when we sleep?"

Once again, the video's description reads: "Do you know they are watching? Your power is rising. Cologne, Germany. You've Been Chosen."

teaser site for the unannounced project has also exists, linking to other viral marketing pieces including reports for a missing person named Hanna Caplin and a fake college called Woods-Watson Institute of Higher Learning.