BioWare focused on doing next Mass Effect ‘right’ instead of ‘fast’

Mass Effect 4 (or the "next" Mass Effect as BioWare wants it to be called) is easily one of the more intriguing games in development right now, but unfortunately we haven't heard much about it lately. Taking to Twitter, BioWare studio director Yanick Roy apologized for the lack of information offering a pretty valid reason for the decision to not reveal too much right now.

To BioWare's credit, we've had some snippets of detail. For instance, we know Commander Shepard or his companions won't be returning. We know the studio is "exploring new directions" with the game, including borrowing gameplay systems from Dragon Age 3. The good news is that the next Mass Effect now in playable form, so hopefully it won't be long until BioWare lifts the curtain and starts revealing more.