BioWare confirms SWTOR Bounty Hunter Act 3 bug workaround

Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: The Old Republic seemed to have hit a snag in their class quest line.  It appears that when you finish your class quest for Act 3, and finish talking to Darth Tormen, he does not send you on to the Vaiken Spacecok to continue on to Ilum.

While BioWare continues to search for the root of the problem, some users have appeared to find a temporary solution to the problem.

According to one poster, there is a workaround for the bug for Bounty Hunters who have not completed the Number One With a Bullet Quest. 

"The workaround is to choose the light side option when speaking with the target of your bounty. This will result in the quests triggering properly," explained Diora.

Associate Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez acknowledged the bug and confirmed that this is a valid workaround while the developers work on a fix.

"Thank you for this! Our QA team has tested this and has confirmed that this is a valid workaround. We have updated the Known Issue thread accordingly! Rest assured that we are working on a fix for this!"

Unfortunately, some users who have chosen the light side options are reportedly being affected.  So it appears as if this bug is related to something else. 

As a Bounty Hunter currently progressing down the light side path, I'll be sure to keep you updated if this workaround does work.