BioWare confirms new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer to release on N7-Day

Oh boy!

Earlier today, BioWare gave us a look at 4K gameplay for Mass Effect: Andromeda. It was our very first look at the gameplay, as well as our first look at the male version of the protagonist named Ryder (last time we saw the female version, but it wasn't gameplay). 

While we got our first look at gameplay, it came with commentary on 4K gaming. Soon, however, we will be getting a new trailer for Andromeda that will "open the doors to the next chapter" of Mass Effect, according to BioWare.

Last year on N7-Day, BioWare gave us a teaser for Andromeda that had a dog tag revealing the name of the game's protagonist. Up until that teaser, we hadn't learned the protagonist's name. We can only wait and see what hidden treasures are in the November 7th trailer.