Bioware Breaks Records with Star Wars: The Old Republic

After years and years of creating and crafting the new MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware is now setting itself up to be a real competitor to the World of Warcraft by achieving one million registered players since its release on December 20 making it the fastest selling MMO to date.

According to, players have logged over 28 million hours and have created 3.8 million characters with more Sith warriors than Jedi, 550,000 to 510,000. (Sorry, Luke.)  Players are also averaging over five hours a day and have killed over two billion non-player characters since the early game access.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the most recent MMO and obvious competitor to World of Warcraft. Players have the choice of joining the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire and are able to choose between different character roles such as jedi knights, sith warriors and bounty hunters.

With so much success in such a small amount of time, it looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic is just starting to blow up as not everyone has received their gifts from Santa yet. (Hint, hint)