BioShock movie not completely abandoned

Good news BioShock fans, there's still hope for a movie to be made after Irrational Games' popular first-person shooter franchise. Of course, that may be bad news depending on how you feel about video game franchises being made into movies. Either way, the thought of making some sort of BioShock movie has not been abandoned by 2K Games or the series' creator, Ken Levine.

Asked by a fan if all hope for the BioShock movie had been abandoned, Levine simply responded, "Not at all." While there doesn't seem to have been any progress made on the movie front, it at least appears that the concept hasn't been scratched entirely. So at least there is a glimmer of hope for BioShock fans.

Back in March, Levine shed some light on the whole movie postponement. Even back then he acknowledged that a BioShock movie could happen "one day," but that it would "have to be the right combination of people." All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that the stars align.

At this point, do you still even want to see a BioShock movie on the big screen?