BioShock Infinite video looks into the truth and legend of Songbird

These videos are awesome. In a second film from Irrational Games, today's BioShock Infinite video is presented in a retro style has really brought me back to elementary school nostalgia. Sadly, in grade school, no one ever taught me about the floating city of Columbia or the Songbird. Sometimes I just feel so damn uneducated at times. The public school system has failed me.

In this video, Alistar Bloom ponders the many mysteries of the flying rebellious city. He explores the “Truth and Legend” surrounding the infamous Songbird. Is this creature an animal or machine? Despite the children’s terrifying nursery rhyme “Songbird Songbird, see him fly. Drop the children from the sky. When the young ones misbehave, escorts children to their grave,” researchers believe the Songbird exists to keep someone in Columbia rather than keeping enemies out. Just who is this person – the lamb of Columbia? Watch the video above and try to decipher this knowledge for yourself.

Hint: It’s Elizabeth.       

Song Bird