BioShock Infinite makes triumphant return with ‘Beast of America’ trailer

These days, it seems that everything we hear related to BioShock Infinite has to do with another member of the development team leaving. Following the game's latest delay — which pushed it back until February 26, 2013 — director Ken Levin said BioShock Infinite would not be shown again until it was nearing completion. In fact, so little has been talked about with BioShock Infinite, that I'm sure many of you have forgotten we're just a few months away from its release.

That could be why Irrational Games has decided to reveal a brand new gameplay trailer. With just a couple of months until its release, it's time to rebuild hype for this once highly-anticipated game. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's still highly-anticipated, but we just needed this action-packed trailer to remind us why.

The new BioShock Infinite trailer, titled "Beast of America", begins with the introduction of the player-controlled Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton detective who has been sent to the floating city of Columbia to rescue the missing woman, Elizabeth, in order to pay off some sort of debt.

From there, we go right into some intense first-person action. The gameplay footage highlights two particular main features: a new way to use your Sky-Hook and how Elizabeth can work as your wingman in combat. Elizabeth, who will be by your side for much of Infinite's campaign, uses mysterious psychic powers to help Booker on his mission. Meanwhile, BioShock Infinite continues the series signature gameplay of wielding heavy-duty firepower along with super-human abilities.