BioShock Infinite has gone ‘gold’

March 26 may be a little less than five weeks away, but that’s ample time to begin preparing for the upcoming blockbuster, BioShock Infinite. Today, Irrational announced that shooter has officially gone “gold,” or in laymen’s terms, has been completed and sent off for final inspection and certification.

In a blog post today, Ken Levine outlined just how special the release is to he and the rest of the Irrational team:

“Today, I’m happy to announce that the game has gone gold. What that means is that it has been approved by both Sony and Microsoft (and the PC Gods, natch) to be sent to the manufacturing guys to load up fleets of trucks with BioShock Infinite and be driven to a store near you on March 26th.

The total cost of the game was five years, 941 billion Klingon darseks (plus tip), 47 camels, a cranberry flan, and the blood, sweat, and tears of the Irrational Team.

Nobody has ever built a game quite like this. It’s a shooter, but a shooter that brings you to very uncomfortable and dangerous places. I can’t demand that you play the game; I can promise you, however, that once you have, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.”


In addition, a brand new BioShock Infinite trailer hit today, showcasing an even darker, creeper Columbia, marked by religious overtones, blood, and loads of flesh-eating birds – oh, and Elizabeth. 

So, who's excited for BioShock Infinite?

Source: [Irrational]