Bioshock creative director’s next project is an interactive Twilight Zone movie

What kind of twist do you expect?

Ken Levine, the creative director of some of the most critically acclaimed games — Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, will be heading a new project that heavily involves science fiction and mystery.
In a recent interview with Wired, Levine announced that he will be writing and directing an interactive live-action film based off the classic sci-fi series, The Twilight Zone. 
“Playing my games, you can probably tell Twilight Zone is something I grew up with,” Levine says. “They speak to a larger truth. They’re morality plays, fables, and often they’re about a character who is going through an experience that’s central to their life but also speaks to a larger part of the human condition. I don’t think [Rod] Serling, at the beginning, set out to be a science-fiction writer. But he found that this is a great medium to do metaphor.”
The game-film hybrid will be partnering with Interlude, a company known its interactive video technology, which "lets users seamlessly move between multiple streams of video." You might know the company best known from the Hulk vs Ant-Man Super Bowl commercial.
Levine will still be keeping his regular job at Take-Two Interactive where he and his team is “working diligently” on its next game. It is still unknown if his next game will  be based in the Bioshock universe or not, but it was spotted a while back that the unannounced title is planning on utilizing features similar to Borderland and Destiny, as well as building a semi-open world for it. 
Knowing Levine from his previous work, viewers can expect the Twilight Zone film to have some crazy plot twists and an ending that will have you pondering for weeks to come. However, at the moment there are no details on what the film will be centered around and Levine doesn’t plan to talk about it as it "would kind of spoil it."