Bill Gates ‘absolutely for’ Xbox business spin-off

Microsoft Xbox business may be loved by gamers, but investors — tired of the billions of dollars lost from the brand — have been clamoring for the tech giant to spin off the brand or sell it off completely. Whatever decision new CEO Satya Nadella may make, Microsoft founder Bill Gates will support.

In a published interview at Fox Business, Gates said he'd been helping Nadella transition into his new leadership role and that he would support Nadella if the new CEO proposed a spinoff of Xbox or one of Microsoft's other units.

According to a tweet from Fox Business anchor Liz Claman, here's what Gates was quoted as saying, minus the Twitter slang:

Just because Gates would support Nadella doesn't mean he actually believes it'll happen though. In the fully published article, Gates said he didn't foresee  either Bing or Xbox as stand-alone companies "because they are part of Microsoft's long-term strategy."

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