Big changes coming to Far Cry 3

Ubisoft has posted a detailed list of changes coming to Far Cry 3, the most notable being the ability to reset outposts and a new "Master" difficulty setting.

"A big part of Far Cry 3’s single player experience is taking over the outposts manned by Vaas’s pirates and Hoyt’s privateers. These outposts, when taken, offer a safe place to resupply as well as a base of operations when exploring new parts of the Rook Islands," Ubisoft explained. "Taking over an outpost as a player also presents a fun challenge; everything from how to approach the outpost to what weapons and tactics to use."

Far Cry 3 reset outposts

As a result, Ubisoft has added the ability to "reset" the outposts so that they can be taken-over again. After conquering all of the outposts and completing the game you can reset the outposts by selecting "Reset Outposts" in the gameplay options menu. Be warned, after performing this action all incomplete side missions and quests will become hidden. In order to finish the incomplete side missions, you'll need to retake the outposts again.

The second headlining feature is a new "Master" difficulty setting. This new difficulty is available for those that have already completed the game on Adventurer, Survivor or Warrior settings and looking for a mode "worse than malaria." Challenges include more aggressive wildlife, tougher pirates, and more deadly privateers.

Far Cry 3 Master difficulty

Other changes on the multiplayer side of things include an expanded feedback system on user-created maps, new beta map testing and spectating for map makers, and the ability to find other maps by the same author. For a detailed rundown on the multiplayer changes, check out the official Ubisoft Far Cry 3 forums.

The changes are expected to arrive in "upcoming patches," though Ubisoft has offered no exact timeframe.