Beyond Good & Evil HD Finally Landing on PSN

To call Beyond Good & Evil a “good game” would be an understatement. Looking back at the game’s original release during the previous console generation, it’s evident that Beyond Good & Evil is one hell of an action-adventure game from start to finish, and its failure to achieve commercial success is a real shame. Thankfully, the folks over at Ubisoft have been gracious enough to re-release the game on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network so that those who played it can relive their favorite moments and those who didn’t can finally experience the cult classic.

Beyond Good & Evil HD was released for Xbox 360 downloaders back in March, and PlayStation 3 gamers were looking forward to playing it in May. Then the PSN debacle happened. Rest assured, plenty of gamers have been looking forward to playing Beyond Good & Evil HD on their PlayStation 3 consoles, but they haven’t been able to because of the PlayStation Store going offline.

Worry no more–Ubisoft has dated Beyond Good & Evil HD for the PSN. The remarkable cult title will hit Sony’s digital shop on Wednesday, June 8. That’s right in the middle of E3, but it shouldn’t stop most gamers from downloading and playing this gem of a game.

If you have yet to play either the original or the HD remake, I highly recommend downloading Beyond Good & Evil HD when it makes its PSN debut next week. It’s the type of game that fans of the action-adventure genre can really get lost in thanks to rewarding gameplay and compelling features. For more on this remastered classic, check out GameZone’s in-depth review of the Xbox 360 version.