Beyond: Two Souls hits PS4 next week, Heavy Rain to follow

Of course, there's a trailer

The CEO of Quantic Dream Guillaume de Fondaumiere announced on the PlayStation blog that Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain have received concrete release dates for PS4.

Beginning next week, November 24th, PS4 users will be able to download Beyond: Two Souls digitally from the PlayStation store for $29.99. Of course, as it has been redone for the new system there will be a number of new features included. While playing as the entity PS4 users will make use of the Dualshock 4's speaker in order to have a higher sense of immersion. You will also have

  • Better action scene controls
  • Harder fight scene difficulty 
  • Choices displayed end of each scene compared to other players
  • Improved graphics and chronological order gameplay once the game is beaten the first time.

The studio also confirmed that their other highly anticipated title, Heavy Rain, will be debuting on PS4 next year on March 1st. With no official price yet listed yet, they did confirm that those who buy Beyond: Two Souls will get Heavy Rain at a discounted rate though so that's good news.