Beyond: Two Souls doesn’t have a ‘game over’ screen

Dying in Beyond: Two Souls won't result in a traditional "game over screen."

"I've always felt that 'game over' is a state of failure more for the game designer than from the player," creator David Cage told Joystiq. "It's like creating an artificial loop saying, 'You didn't play the game the way I wanted you to play, so now you're punished and you're going to come back and play it again until you do what I want you to do.' In an action game, I can get that – why not? It's all about skills. But in a story-driven experience it doesn't make any sense."

Rather, Beyond will have an approach similar to that of Heavy Rain, another narrative-driven game from Cage and his team at Quantic Dream. That is, the narrative adjusts to the outcomes of events, offering alternative branching story paths that don't punish you for failing. The key difference between Beyond and Heavy Rain, though, is that in Beyond you play as one character, Jodie Holmes. This begs the question: What happens when Jodie dies?

"It's a game about death, so you can imagine that death plays a role in all of this," Cage teased. "Actually, it's one of the big discoveries – one of the big mysteries in the game is to discover what's on the other side. And it's definitely not a black screen."

You'll have to wait until October 8th to find out when Beyond: Two Souls releases exclusively for PlayStation 3.