Bethesda schedules their E3 2017 conference for Sunday before event

The Sunday before E3 is getting busy.

Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed that their E3 2017 press conference will be on Sunday this year, instead of their traditional Monday time slot. In light of this reveal, Bethesda has revealed when they will be holding their own briefing!

It looks like Bethesda has followed Microsoft's gameplan and scheduled their E3 2017 conference for Sunday night – to be fair, though, Bethesda always did Sunday before E3. 

Last year, Bethesda's Pete Hines was featured as a developer in Microsoft's teaser for Project Scorpio, the more powerful Xbox console set to release this year. Microsoft will definitely be talking about Scorpio during their conference, but the question is if Bethesda will be talking about it too.

What do you want to see during Bethesda's E3 conference?