Bethesda’s new game from Battlecry Studios is ‘Battlecry’

Bethesda's new game from the newly-established Battlecry Studios is not Fallout 4, as many has previously speculated. It's quite the opposite actually.

Battlecry — yes, it has the same name as the developer — is a free-to-play third-person online team-oriented action combat game. It's set in a world without gunpowder where the most powerful Empires fight for even more power in 32-player battles across WarZones. But just because there's no gunpowder, doesn't mean there aren't some cool war gadgets. From cloaking devices to transformative weapons to electro-static energy blades, Battlecry offers plenty of ways to lay waste to your enemies.

Perhaps more interesting than the weaponry however, is Battlecry's art style and presentation. The game features a cartoonish-look, inspired by comic books and illustrations. The bold art direction by Viktor Antonov (Dishonored, Half-Life 2 supplements the game's visceral combat and heightens the gameplay experience. Adding to that experience is a system that encourages sportsmanship, as the end of each match sees you run around the map and high-five those you just battled against.

At a recent event held earlier this month, I had the opportunity to play a few rounds of Battlecry. You can read my impressions later today. Battlecry is due out for PC in 2015. It will be digitally released and free-to-play.