Bethesda releases Dishonored ‘debut’ trailer

Bethesda's mysterious image from yesterday was a sneak peek at a debut trailer for Dishonored.

The trailer, released today, gives fans a first look at Bethesda's immersive first-person action game currently being developed by Arkane Studios.

In Dishonored, you will play as a supernatural assassin "driven by revenge." Framed for the murder of the Empress, you fall from a once-trusted bodyguard to a infamous assassin.  Now, with the city in chaos from plague and ruled by a corrupt government, dark forces bestow upon you supernatural abilities.

Using these abilities, you will creatively eliminate your enemies using the "flexible combat system" that allows you to combine supernatural abilities, weapons, and gadgets.  In Dishonored, each mission outcome plays out based on the choices you make.

Be on the look out for Dishonored in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  To learn more visit the game's official web page.