Bethesda ‘might’ be teasing the location of The Elder Scrols VI in a Tweet

But probably not

Bethesda teases something in regard to The Elder Scrolls. The official Twitter account of the popular fantasy series shared a cryptic Tweet just as 2019 ended. Naturally, fans are going crazy over what it could hint at.

Let’s get the big one out of the way immediately. The Elder Scrolls VI. Does this Tweet directly allude to the long-awaited major next installment? It could be. But then again, Bethesda stayed very mum on the topic up until now.

That doesn’t stop eager fans of the franchise to dissect the accompanying image to a tee. The picture in the Tweet shows the map of Skyrim. The location of the last Elder Scrolls that came out an entire decade ago.

It’s highly unlikely that the same region will be the template for the successor. Hence, if anything it most likely serves as a reminder for fans of the starting point for the future. With numerous definitive editions and ports, it could also hint at a proper next-gen port, of course. I mean, would it really surprise anyone if Skyrim got yet another port? With GTAV already confirmed to get a next-gen release, chances are very high Skyrim will follow suit sooner or later.

To even further curb anticipation for a true Elder Scrolls sequel, Todd Howard previously confirmed that the company is focusing on its new IP Starfield. Meaning, for the time being, fans of the RPG series shouldn’t expect to see The Elder Scrolls VI anytime soon. So, no matter how much we would live this Tweet to be the start of lots of media blowout for the new Elder Scrolls game, it’s just not that likely.

One thing we also have to keep in mind is that in the 10 years since The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim originally launched, a lot has changed. We’re of course talking about Microsoft now owning Bethesda. So, there is a realistic chance that The Elder Scrolls VI will not be available on the PS5. Surely, an important tidbit that lingers in the back of fans’ heads in this new console generation.