Ben Affleck rumored to direct next Batman movie

He's so deep into The Batman.

It is being rumored that Ben Affleck will be directing the next stand-alone Batman film for Warner Bros. A source for the rumor has not been revealed and no official comment on the subject on has been released by either Warner Bros. or DC Entertainment. 

Currently, Affleck is making his debut as Batman in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film in 2016 and will be making an appearance in the following Justice League Part 1 film in 2017. If Affleck is directing the stand-alone Batman film, titled The Batman, he may very well be taking the role of director and lead actor for the film

In 2012 it was rumored that Warner Bros. had first turned to Affleck to direct the Justice League film, adding some credence to this rumor. Affleck is no stranger to directorial roles when it comes to film, he has previously directed Gone Baby Gone, The Town and the Academy Award winning Argo. If Warner Bros. is deciding to push forward with Affleck and The Batman, the film is slated for a 2018 release alongside The Flash and Aquaman.

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