Beloved jungle survival indie Green Hell out of Early Access

The jungle is alive

Indie developer Creepy Jar has fully released their open-jungle survival game Green Hell. Together with the full launch, the game has received a plethora of new content. Chief among them is a Story Mod. The game is now available on Steam for $24.99. Watch the launch trailer below!

There are few genres which have diluted the PC gaming scene like survival and crafting. Besides true gems like Ark, Rust and Subnautica, hundreds if not thousands of developers – small and big – have taken a shot at creating a unique and fun game in the genre. But with so many copy-cats and failed attempts, it has gotten severely difficult to find the gem in a sea of rocks.

As such, it’s always great to discover a great game which is entirely focused of survival and crafting. Green Hell is exactly one of these. A sleeper hit and hidden gem which has enjoyed great fame among gamers, but due to not having a large publisher market their game to a broader audience and the game being exclusive to the PC at the moment, many simply do not know the game even exists.

This could change now however, as Green Hell is fully feature complete and available in version 1.0 on Steam. For less than half the price of a regular game, players can venture into a beautiful and greatly detailed jungle, where they will have to search for resources, build tools, shelter all while not starving, freezing or succumbing to other threats.

With the addition of a Story Mode in this proper launch, Green Hell is now also much more appealing to gamers who can’t get into too open games. Of course, there’s much more to be found in the full release. Here they are:

● Story Mode! — How did you end up in the Amazon? What happened to your love, Mia?
How can you escape? How can you survive? Seeking answers to these questions will
take you to the brink of sanity as you rediscover well-known areas and discover new
areas for the first time.
● New Map Areas — The lush rainforest of Green Hell gets even bigger with new
Wetlands to explore. Also included, is an all-new in-game map!
● Perma-Death Difficulty — Gear up for the most ruthless challenge yet. There’s no
coming back from death.
● New Graphics Options — Optimize your experience with new FOV, Vsync, antialiasing,
texture quality, and shadow distance options.
● New Plants and Animals — Introducing the psychosis-inducing Psychotria Viridis, the
Banisterposis Caapi, and the lethally poisonous Dart Frog.
● Decay Timer— Many items in the game will now start to wither and decay. Players will
have to be vigilant learning to use their items before they expire.
● New Difficulty Levels (Tourist, King of the Jungle, Custom) — Have a problem with
snakes? Maybe spiders? Introducing new difficulty options to turn tribes, predators,
spiders, snakes, and the sanity meter on or off! Hate managing macroelements? Green
Hell is also adding a depletion speed slider to adjust how quickly you need to replenish