Behold the might of the arcane arts in Elven Legacy

April 28, 2009

Behold the might of the arcane
arts in Elven Legacy New in-game trailer released today

Today Swedish wizards of strategy
Paradox Interactive, aims to cast a potent spell of enchantment upon you. From
across the lands of Eiola, an explosive new trailer has been summoned to
demonstrate the might of the arcane arts. This deadly power holds the key to
victory, as the war continues to reclaim the lost – Elven Legacy.

Magic. It is a power without equal.
Available to each of the warring races. This ancient energy can be manipulated
by warriors and champions alike. Yet only the most sage of priests and sorcerers
can master its greatest secrets. Manifesting itself in one of three ways, magic
can take the form of a myriad of powerful spells. It can also be bound to mystic
objects called Artifacts. Some lie strewn across the land, hidden in secret
lairs. Others can be found in the possession of conquered foes. Magic can also
be granted as innate talents called ‘Perks’, to warrior regiments, as they level
up in experience.

Behold the manifestation of ultimate
power by
Click here to download the

Legacy Magic Trailer

More destructive than the largest
war-machines, magic can strike down a mass of enemies in one fatal blow. Yet it
can possess a subtle touch, curing the wounds of an injured champion or mage.
Magic can also be used to augment the protective and offensive capabilities of
your troops. Making the weakest warriors a force to be reckoned with. In some
cases, magic can terrify the opposition into paralysis, removing their
effectiveness in battle. While some spells enable spectral beings to be conjured
into existence, to fight on the side of the caster.

Magic is truly a force to be
reckoned with. It possesses the ability to alter the balance of power on any
battlefield, granting victory to those who can successfully yield its potency.
Yet care must be taken with its use. For by its very nature magic can only be
discharged a finite number of times, before requiring the need to be restored.
This can only be performed after each battle is decided. So use it wisely!

The Elven Legacy demo was recently
released and allows players to play the tutorial along with one mission from the
Campaign mode.

Elven Legacy is available from
retailers everywhere, along with all good digital download outlets for a
suggested retail price of ç29.99.