Because We May promotion to discount a bunch of indie games

Aside from the fact that so many indie games provide unique experiences or throwbacks to older generations of gaming, the reason these smaller titles are so awesome is because they're usually pretty affordable. A lot of these low prices are decided on by the developers themselves, and there are multiple digital download platforms that support the decisions of the folks who make these games.

There will be a special promotion in honor of online shops that grant pricing freedom to indie devs. Because We May will run from May 24 to June1. During this time, gamers will be able to purchase a wide assortment of indie titles for cheap — even cheaper than usual!

Steam, the App Store, and Google Play are just three of the digital download platforms that are being celebrated later this month. You'll be able to get games like Super Meat Boy, Dino Run SE, And Yet It Moves, Braid, and Bit.Trip Runner at low prices. The exact costs per game haven't been determined yet, but given just how wallet-friendly these titles already are, gamers are in store for a sweet deal.

If you're in the market for some new games, want to get in on the whole indie gaming thing, or just haven't gotten around to purchasing some of these titles, watch out for this promotion come May 24.

[Because We May, @GaijinGames]

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