Be Excited: Awesome Promo Art for Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

I've made no intention to hide my obsession with the Kirby franchise. Simply put, Kirby is easily one of my favorite Nintendo brands, and its colorful style and cheery vibe really appeal to me. Throw in some highly enjoyable platforming and unique power-up mechanics, and you can bet I'm sold.

Even though we just got a new Kirby game last month with Kirby Mass Attack, Nintendo will be releasing yet another adventure starring the pink puffball. Hey, you'll get no argument from me. The world needs more Kirby games!

Anyway, Kirby's Return to Dream Land is slated for launch later this month, and if you own a Wii, it should definitely be on your radar. Until it releases, though, why not check out some juicy promo art? Look how colorful and pretty it is!

Are your eyes glazed over? Is there a permanent smile etched across your face? Yeah, I thought so. Kirby's Return to Dream Land is scheduled to launch on October 24. I know that, and now you know that. Let's just hope Nintendo knows that.