Bayonetta 2 team discusses their upcoming game

Platinum Games posted special notes from the Bayonetta 2 team to fans on its blog.

Tatsuya Minami, the president and chief executive officer of Platinum, wrote, "As game developers, we are incredibly excited to be able to announce a new title to all of our fans; however, we are aware that the announcement may have come as a shock to many of you."

Minami called Bayonetta 2 a "true sequel," explaining, "Bayonetta is one of our most beloved titles, and it played a large part in establishing Platinum Games as an emerging game studio in the minds of users worldwide. Bayonetta has fans the world over, and we would never dream of alienating them from participating in the future of Platinum Games.

"That being said, the console games market is in a state of upheaval, so establishing a new game franchise requires a considerable amount of will, determination, and love. Bayonetta is a brand that we want to see become stronger, reaching the hands of more and more gamers, so we have continued to consult with Sega, the previous game’s publisher, on how we can make sure this takes place. Our answer was a new partnership with Nintendo."

Game director Yusuke Hashimoto is returning to work on the game with creator Hideki Kamiya — "I’m working on everything from creating a compelling world to character designs (I will be designing the enemies again)" — and wrote that the new "Bayonetta will further expand on the mythology of the Trinity of Realities: Inferno, Paradiso, and our human world."

This time Kamiya is acting as supervisor over the game instead of director, overseeing "the world, story, characters, etc. in close coordination with Hashimoto."

What do you think about the news of Bayonetta 2 coming exclusively to Wii U?

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