Bayonetta 2’s Tag Climax mode looks like a hell of a lot of fun

One of the new features shown off in the latest Bayonetta 2 focused Nintendo Directs, was Tag Climax, the online co-operative mode where two players square off against hordes of Angels and Demons.

Tag Climax works symbiotically with the game's Story mode. In the single player mode, players collect currency called Halos, like in the first game. This currency is then spent during Tag Climax to bet on higher difficulties, which of course yield higher Halo rewards. Those Halos that were won during Tag Climax can then be brought back into the game's Story Mode in order to purchase better equipment. Tag Climax features 6 rounds, where players can bet their Halos on each one of those rounds, which will scale the rounds accordingly.

Tag Climax

In Tag Climax, players will also be able to play as Bayonetta's friend, Jeanne, as well as the smart talking, weaponsmith and shop keeper, Rodin. From the live gameplay demo, Rodin's moves seemed to have far more weight then Bayonetta's and looked to pack much more of a punch.


Bayonetta 2 will be out on October 24th, both as a physical and digital release. The physical release will include both Bayonetta 1 and Bayonetta 2, while the digital release will be split between the two, but both bought together will equal the same price as the physical copy.