Battlestations Takes To The Waves

March 12, 2009

Takes To The Waves

Highly anticipated sequel set to
ship this May

Eidos Interactive today announced
that Battlestations: Pacific is set to release in North America on May 12th and
May 15th across Europe and Australia.

Sequel to the No. 1-selling
Battlestations: Midway, Battlestations: Pacific takes the critically-acclaimed
action/strategy gameplay to the next level. Expanding upon the intense,
strategic combat of the first title, players can take to the skies and seas
through two massive, action-packed campaigns across 28 missions, featuring some
of the most decisive naval battles in history.

An historically accurate US campaign
puts players in command of the US Navy’s Pacific fleet through the Battles of
Guadalcanal and on to Iwo Jima, Okinawa and victory. For the first time,
Battlestations offers players a chance to rewrite history, playing through a
Japanese campaign as the Imperial Japanese Navy from Pearl Harbor and on through
Asia, Australia and beyond, expanding its empire throughout the Pacific rim.

Battlestations: Pacific takes the
battle online with a massively enhanced multiplayer experience, offering five
new and innovative co-op and team-based modes for up to eight players. ‘Siege’
and ‘Duel’ offer an all-out action experience, allowing players to control a
selection of war machines as each side battles to turn the tide of war; joining
forces for ‘Competitive’, players compete side-by-side against the opposing AI
forces; ‘Escort’ allows for a mix of action and strategy, with players escorting
or attacking a key naval unit as it heads to its destination; and ‘Island
Capture’ offers a compelling strategic experience, with players not only
battling for supremacy of the seas, but capturing and controlling the island

“With over 100 authentic air, sea
and undersea units, a compelling mix of action and strategy and an extensive
multiplayer game, Battlestations: Pacific lets players participate in the
Pacific conflict like no other game before it,” said Lee Singleton, General
Manager of Eidos Game Studios. “With direct control over fighters, bombers,
kamikaze planes, destroyers, aircraft carriers, submarines and many more,
including powerful prototype units, they will experience a level of immersion
that truly brings the conflict to life.”

Battlestations: Pacific is rated
PEGI 12+ and ESRB Teen and is set for release on Xbox 360 and Games for Windows