officially announce: Empires of Steel!

June 5, 2008

New game: Empires of Steel
announced! and Atomicboy
Software are excited to officially announce: Empires of Steel! Empires of Steel
is a turn-based game of world conquest set in the 20th century. Players command
various ground, armored, naval and airforce units against up to 20 human or
computer-controlled (Artificial Intelligence) opponents.

Empires of Steel uses a simultaneous
turn-resolution system, better known in gaming as We-Go“. You can form
alliances, capture and trade precious resources, research new technologies, and
of course form huge invasion fleets and armies to conquer your opponents.

Empires of Steel was built from the
ground up with multi-player in mind, and includes voice and text chat systems,
matchmaking features, and even a download system for mods, maps, and custom unit
sets all integrated seamlessly into the game! Single-play against the the
Artificial Intelligence Computer Opponent is of course fully supported as well –
be prepared to see the computer declare war against you, or offer you a trade!

Empires of Steel is all about
conquest and exploration: at the start of each game you can either load a
pre-generated map (such as a real world global map), or you can create a
completely random map based on your preferences for land mass and other
parameters. The map can either be fully revealed to all players at the start, or
you can play in exploration mode, and lift the fog of the the unknown as you
discover new lands and valuable resources as well as potential enemies, turn
after turn.

Empires of Steel is about global
domination. You need to conquer resources such as Oil, Crops, Steel, or Gold to
fuel your production and infrastructure as well as technological research.
Aggresive players can declare wars to fight for resources, and cunning players
can estabish alliances to trade for them.

Empires of Steel is about the
technology race. The game features an extensive technology tree starting from
pre-World War One era units all the way to futuristic nuclear and satellite
techs. Clever investments into technology will put you ahead in the race for
global dominance.

Empires of Steel is about
resource-management. You decide what to produce and when, how to upgrade your
cities and armies, how to defend your territory and when and where to strike
against your enemies. A typical game can be played in under an hour, or it can
last days.

Empires of Steel is about tactics
and strategy. Build up your armies and employ your land, sea and air (and
space!) forces to defeat your enemies and establish an undisputed Global Empire!

Empires of Steel is currently in
development and is scheduled for a release in early 2009.

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