Battlefront Announces Combat Mission Afghanistan

February 4, 2010

Battlefront Announces Combat
Mission Afghanistan and Snowball are

Combat Mission Afghanistan is the
first collaboration between Battlefront and a third party studio to create a
completely new game in the Combat Mission series. CM Afghanistan is a standalone
game and not an expansion, and does not require any of the other games to play!

CM Afghanistan covers two periods of
the Russian-Afghan wars – the initial phase 1980-1982, and the later years of
highest activity 1985-1987 – in two campaigns and ten standalone missions. CM
Afghanistan is not just a mission pack: based on the latest CM engine in
development, the game includes not only all new artwork, terrain, new units, new
weapons, and new nations, but also introduces some completely new game features,
such as exit objective zones and more! Players are able to take command of
Soviet or DRA (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan) Army units as well as
mujahedeen guerilla forces.

CM Afghanistan is currently in
development and is expected to be ready for release in Q2 this year, 2010. It
will be available in retail throughout Eastern Europe directly from Snowball,
and in an English version worldwide only from