Battlefield 3 TDM Mode to Keep K/D Gamers Away from Objective Modes

One of the major complaints in every FPS game nowadays is that too many gamers, who worry about their K/D’s, play objective modes. Why is that bad, you ask? This causes the core element of objective modes—team play—to be thrown out the window.

To combat this major problem, Battlefield 3 is introducing a team deathmatch mode, which, in the words of DICE’s Senior Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz, should “attract KD ppl away from objective modes.”

This news came from Kertz’s Twitter, where a fan suggested that Battlefield shouldn’t track Kill/Death ratios—only Win/Loss ratios.

Kertz responded, “We track Kills and Deaths, showing the ratio is just a convenience. TDM should attract KD ppl away from objective modes.”

While there will still be K/D-focused gamers in objective modes, hopefully a team deathmatch mode will funnel some of those players away from the core element of Battlefield multiplayer.