Battlefield 3 Battlelog Revealed

Battlelog has now officially been revealed as a new, no-cost social network feature unique to Battlefield 3.

“We want to make Battlefield 3 a more social gaming experience and it all starts with Battlelog,” says Fredrik Loving, Battlelog Producer at DICE. “We are changing how you communicate, play, compete and share content with their friends, extending the in-game experience to be accessible from your home computer, on your handheld devices while commuting, or wherever you may be.”

Battlelog enables players to build a network of friends, communicate with other gamers, and compare their Battlefield stats with both friends and enemies. It brings all of the community aspects of Battlefield 3 into a single location, allowing you to coordinate any action and get into a game as soon as possible. The best part is that it’s completely free.

Battlefeed, a Facebook-like news feed, is your main entry point into Battlelog, showing current events around your network, giving you a live shot of what those in your network are doing in Battlefield. This real-time feed allows you to like, share, and comment on other players achievements as well as messages. Battlelog also offers a detailed stat-tracking system, incorporate such things as soldier progression, shots fired, and tons of other actions you perform in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 battlelog

“The feed will encourage people to play even more,” explains Loving. “They will see their friends ranking up, receiving awards they don’t have yet, or getting the new cool guns they have been missing. It will increase the competitive edge. Everything you do on the battlefield is shared amongst your friends.”

This is like a Facebook site dedicated solely to Battledfield 3 and a great tool for motivating you to play Battlefield even more. Gamers love bragging about statistics and achievements and this is the perfect tool to do it in.