Battlefield Heroes turns three today, boasts 12 million players

Free-to-play shooter Battlefield Heroes turns three-years-old today and to celebrate its birthday EA is rewarding players with new virtual presents. The successful shooter, which now boasts over 12 million players, successfully combines heroes from the past, future, and bizarre duke it out in all sorts of environments ranging from Earth to the moon.

As part of the celebration, you can be rewarded with all sorts of goodies including two Party Packs for free. One is Royal, one is National, and both include a Birthday Shirt, a Tricycle Emote that lasts for three days, and a Treasure Chest Key. All you need to do is log in at some point between today and Sunday, July 1 to claim your reward.

Treasure chests have just been implemented in Battlefield Heroes. Upon killing an enemy, players will receive special rewards at random. EA also released a new small island map called Fortress Frenzy. A new mission system has also been implemented that can earn you more VP. You can pick up to 3 of the many new missions and head into battle to complete new weapon specific challenges.

In addition, EA has created a new group challenge to liven things up. Starting now, players have one week to hit 1 of 3 milestones. At the end of Monday, July 2, EA will tally up the number of kills and give you even more free rewards based upon the number you achieve. Here are the milestones:

Milestone 1

  • Goal – 20 Million Kills
  • Reward – 1 Treasure Chest Key 

Milestone 2

  • Goal – 28 Million Kills
  • Reward – 5 Treasure Chest Keys 

Milestone 3

  • Goal – 35 Million Kills
  • Reward – 10 Treasure Chest Keys