Battlefield: Hardline beta stats revealed

While developer Visceral Games is hard at work improving Battlefield Hardline based on your feedback from the most recent beta, publisher EA has taken the time to share some pretty impressve impressive stats from the brief test.

In just the limited time allowed, players managed to grab $9 trillion of loot in Bloodmoney while racking up $374 trillion in damage based on the 12,885,710 vehicles destroyed. EA also revealed there were over 1.5 millino heist break-ins initationed with a 50 percent success rate. Finally, there were 332,091 police interrogations.

Battlefield Hardline beta stats

Looking ahead, Visceral will continue to make tweaks to the game right up until its launch (and probably beyond as well). The next beta for Hardline is planned for this fall and will be available on all announced platforms.