Battlefield 4 multiplayer maps leaked online

The internal names of all ten multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4, along with teaser images of each, have been leaked online as a result of a recent Battlelog update. According to a member on NeoGAF, EA's Battlelog — the social network for Battlefield — contained enough clues to piece together all ten maps. The original poster notes that while we've seen bits and pieces of each map in various trailers and gameplay footage, DICE has only officially revealed four of the maps. The other six maps are internal names for the maps.

Siege of Shanghai:
Siege of Shanghai

Paracel Storm:
Parcel Storm

Operation Locker:
Operation Locker

'Damage' (as seen in the Levolution trailer):

'Flooded' (the Levee map from the trailers):


Golmud Railway:
Golmud Railway



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[NeoGAF via Videogamer]