Battlefield 4 gets UI Update to look more like Battlefield 1

Battlefield predecessor updated to make transition easier, because 4 comes before 1.

Remember Battlefield 4? That one game that came out before Battlefield 1? Because that's how numbers work. Well, it has recently received an update to make the transition between the two games easier.

DICE has updated Battlefield 4's UI to more closely resemble Battlefield 1. The update also allows players to browse Battlefield 1 stats and servers. If players own both games, they can join Battlefield 1 from the Battlefield 4 menu without exiting the game. The UI switches games automatically. For those who switch between wanting a modern shooter and a historical shooter, this update allows that decision to be made on the fly.

Full list of changes: 


  • Enabled game joining from Battlefield 4 to Battlefield 1
  • Browse Battlefield 1 games
  • Browse Battlefield 1 detailed stats
  • Join Battlefield servers Join friends playing Battlefield 1

Battlefield career  

  • View your combined Battlefield career stats
  • View Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 soldier progression
  • Added the Watch section where you can view content from all across the Battlefield franchise


  • Fixed issues where player ends up in an offline state after getting back to menus from game play
  • Various server browser bug fixes
  • Enabled expansion packs in the in-game store on Xbox One
  • Fixed an issue where users could get the wrong background

[Via VG247]