Battlefield 3 Premium grows to 4 million members

Battlefield 3 Premium is continuing to grow at a steady pace, with EA's latest report indicating that the subscription service for additional Battlefield 3 content now has over 4 million members. EA announced the new figure as part of the company's Q1 FY14 earnings report today.

While there was no updated figure for how much revenue the Premium service generated to date, the last number we have is $120 million through March 2013. It can be presumed the number is considerably higher given the 500,000-or-so subscriber increase since then. Not bad considering the service is over a year old and we have a brand new Battlefield on the way.

Battlefield 3 Premium launched shortly after EA/DICE's first-person shooter in June 2012 to help promote the planned downloadable content that would follow the game's release. For a one time cost of $49.99, players would get all five expansion packs, various Battlelog features like stat resets, increased platoon emblem layers, and more than 10 unique platoon emblem decals.

With Battlefield 4 well on its way, it'll be interesting to see what sort of improvements EA has in mind with what I can only assume will be Battlefield 4 Premium.