Battlefield 3 ‘Live Scoreboard’ coming to Battlelog

A new Battlefield 3 Live Scoreboard feature will be coming to the Server Browser on Battleog, DICE has announced.

According to the developer, the live scoreboard will show what is happening on a PC server, showing the progression of the current game being played and giving real-time updates on each player's performance.  At least now you'll know what you're in for when joining a match.

"If you have ever joined a server just to watch the round end in a loss for your team 5 seconds later, you'll love the live scoreboard on the updated server browser," explained DICE's web software engineer Elton Muuga. "With a quick glance, you can immediately see how many tickets or kills are left before the end of the round."

DICE is continuing to roll out the live scoreboard to Battlelog users, so don't worry if you haven't seen it yet.

"We are rolling it out to more users every day to gather performance data and community feedback before releasing it for everyone."