Battlefield 3 Banned in Iran

EA's Battlefield 3 is proving to be a major hit for the publisher, the exciting multiplayer firefights putting up a good show against Activision's dominant Call of Duty franchise. Though it's the game's gritty realistic storyline that has one middle eastern country upset.

As reported by The Daily Star, Iran has just made the sale and distribution of Battefield 3 illegal, with the punishment for continuing to sell the game currently unknown. Though Battlefield 3 has not officially been released in Iran, many game sellers offer pirated versions of the latest games, though Battlefield 3 has apparently been in short supply with many retailers assuming a ban would be coming. The offending content involves a section of the game where players, acting as a United States soldier, move into the Iranian capital of Tehran to stop the threat of nuclear proliferation, even engaging a rebel army within Tehran's historic grand bazaar. 

Though the game is obvious fiction, many within Iran see it as furthering the negative image of the country, especially as the U.S. remains a staunch critic of Iran's nuclear policies. 

At least they still have Call of Duty…