Battlefield 3 Avatars Now Available on Xbox 360 Marketplace

Earlier yesterday, war broke out on Xbox 360.  An abundance of Battlefield 3 avatar goodies went live on the Xbox 360 marketplace. 

Now you can equip your soldierin the proper gear suitable for Battlefield 3.  Show the troops some support by dressing your avatar in Battlefield 3 themed t-shirts, hats, and props.  Here is the list of Battlefield 3 items available on the Xbox Live marketplace:

  • Engineer uniform: 240 MS points
  • Assault uniform: 240 MS points
  • Dog tag tee, white/black: 80 MS points
  • Assault helmet: 160 MS points
  • Engineer helmet: 160 MS points
  • Wall: 320 MS points
  • Defibrillator: 320 MS points
  • Dinosaur: 320 MS points