Battlefield 3: Aftermath dated for premium, non-premium subscribers

If a post-earthquake Iran doesn’t seem like the perfect vacation destination, then maybe it would be better suited as a battlefield for DICE’s upcoming DLC expansion for Battlefield 3, “Aftermath.” Today, the developer has confirmed a release date for premium and non-premium members, including a new trailer for the DLC pack that includes four new maps, a new mode, more vehicles, and much more.

According to DICE, Aftermath will be available for download for Xbox 360 premium members on December 4, and on December 18 for non-premium subscribers for $14.99. It should be noted that premium subscribers will not have to shell out any cash for the add-on, as it’s apart of their subscription fee.

One of the new additions in Aftermath, hinted above, is Scavenger Mode. Here, players will begin each match with a knife, one grenade, and a single sidearm. Additional weapons will be scattered throughout the map, including the newest weapon addition, the crossbow. Players will have to seek out the locations of these more powerful weapons to gain an advantage over counterparts.

DICE also confirmed that every mode already available in Battlefield 3, including already-released add-ons, will be playable on the new Iran maps. The trailer, which can be seen by clicking here, highlights some of the frantic gameplay players will be pressed with, both on the ground and in vehicles, though none of the new vehicles are present in the trailer.

Battlefield 3’s last piece of DLC, entitled “End Game,” is expected to be out next March.

Source: [OXM]