Battleborn reveals two more characters coming to join the battle

2K continues to roll out the DLC

Ah, Battleborn. It has the unfortunate (and inaccurate) position of being compared to Overwatch (by the drones of interweb fans that haven't actually played the game). To be fair, Battleborn's marketing didn't do it any favors, and as such, the game has not performed quite like 2K Games was hoping for. But that isn't stopping the developer from supporting the game post-launch. The next Battleborn (and 28th overall) in line to join the fight is Earnest, an "ass-kicking Aviant" with a penchant for support and defense.

Earnest's main weapon is his UPR-G73 Grenade Launcher which fires explosive canisters that detonate immediately on impact for massive damage. One of his special abilities is the Power Egg, which he can lay down to give nearby allies buffs that let your team establish a line of defense. He also comes equipped with the Explosive Charge ability, which functions similarly to a remote mine.

The player tosses the charge where ever they want (including right on enemy players) and detonate it themselves to cause big damage. The last ability Earnest has is called the Mine Grid, which sounds exactly like what it is. The player tosses a single mine, which breaks up and scatters into a large cluster of smaller mines across a wide area. The mine explodes on contact, so the move works wonders in tandem with the Power Egg to create a line of defense.

Battleborn has also revealed the 29th Battleborn that will be heading to the game in the next couple of months, Kid Ultra. 

Battleborn reveals two more characters coming to join the battle

Here's Kid Ultra's official description:

"Evildoers beware! Kid Ultra is on patrol and ready to defend the universe from pesky, star-sucking, interdimensional jackholes. Hardwired to lend a helping hand, Kid Ultra is the pinnacle of support technology, buffing and healing teammates while subduing enemies. Let’s just hope this LLC technology is a bit more stable than some other nihilistic robots we know."

Source: [Battleborn Website]