Battle Helmets Available In City Of Villains Pre-Order Offer

Exclusive Battle Helmets
Available in City of Villains Pre-Order Offer

The City of Villains pre-order
program boxes, which are on sale at retail outlets in North America, provide
customers with a special in-game costume item for the City of Villains
character. The items consist of a variety of battle helmets based on the games
various villain group factions. The City of Villain battle helmets include:

  • Crab Spider Battle Helmet: For
    followers of Captain Mako

  • Helm of the Blood Widows: For
    assassins in Ghost Widow’s faction

  • Arachnos Mystic Helmet: For
    followers of Scirocco

  • Wolf Spider War Helmet: For the
    faction ruled by Black Scorpion

Images of the helmets are available
by going to

The City of Villains pre-order box
also includes access to the game’s beta testing and a two-day head-start over
other players before the game’s anticipated commercial launch, a limited edition
“Lord Recluse versus Statesman” poster, and a CD-ROM that includes City of
Villains videos, art, wallpapers, screenshots, a Rogue Isles map, a City of
Heroes comic book and other valuable offers.