Batman: Arkham City Reveals New Baddies to Battle

Hugo Strange will join the pantheon of classic Batman villains that have been carefully recaptured in video game form by Rocksteady Studios. Joining Strange will be Catwoman and The Joker as well as several new cameos and repeat appearances from Arkham Asylum. The new trailer shows off some truly incredible animation while reminding Arkham Asylum players of the joys of perfectly timed Batblocks, blows, and combos.

Arkham City is a new maximum security residence located directly in the middle of Gotham City, proving yet again that no one should ever invest in Gotham property or real estate. This playground for bad guys promises dark new action and a good workout for your thumbs with all of the style and flare that Batman audiences have come to love and expect. Additions and improvements to controls and game play promise a newly intensified connection to Batman for devoted fans. This is highly-anticipated sequel has some huge expectations to meet, but if the new trailer is any indication, Batfans won’t be disappointed.