Batman: Arkham Origins DLC ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ stars Mr. Freeze; coming in April

Batman: Arkham Origins new narrative-based DLC, Cold, Cold Heart, will be released on April 22. As the name and a previous teaser suggest, it'll be focused on Mr. Freeze.

The DLC was officially unveiled during today's episode of DC All Access. WB Games VP of Production Ames Kirshen briefly touched upon the premise of the DLC while revealing a short clip.

"We're super excited to kind of give fans the origin of this great Batman character," Kirshen said. "It's like a mini-chapter in the game. If you guys played and saw in Initiation, it was more like a challenge map that had a little narrative wrapped around it. This is actually in-game missions, story content with a brand new story wrapped around Mr. Freeze in the Arkham Origin setting."

Along with a new story, Cold, Cold Heart will also introduce new gameplay elements thanks to the inclusion of the XC suit, a new "Extreme Conditions" suit created by Alfred to help Batman counter the technology used by Mr. Freeze and his minions. Kirshen didn't get into specifics, but did say it will change gameplay.

You can check out the cinematic teasing Cold, Cold Heart in the video below (around the 1:00 mark).